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  • Skwatt Online Role Playing Game  v.1.0Skwatt is a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) developped by 8 people (game designer, art designers, programmers). The main goal is having fun in developping it. For now we have a 3D Windows Client and a Linux server.
  • Instant Soccer Game  v.1.0Instant Soccer game is a free game where you can play some fast soccer. Choose your opponent and your favorite outfit color. You can play quick friendly game or if you think you are good enough you can enter a championship competition. Now get out ...
  • Java Online Multiplayer Gaming Engine  v.1.0Flexible engine for Web based online multiplayer games. The games developed on top of it should be a mixture of real time and turn based strategy games nowhere found before.
  • 3D multiplayer shooting game  v.1.0Tanks is a simple old-fashion multiplayer 3D game, where player tries to find and destroy enemy tanks.
  • Fealdia - The Online Role Playing Game  v.1.0Fealdia is a graphical Online Role Playing Game which aims to merge the good sides of both Crossfire and Dransik Classic.
  • Repune, a multiplayer Snake game.  v.1.0An SDL multiplayer snake game like Dune. Written in C using SDL. The idea is to construct a robust and simple game engine to make it easy to add objects to the game.
  • Java Multiplayer Chess Game  v.1.0JMCE is a Java Multiplayer Chess Game. You can play over networks(including internet) or against a computer player.
  • Free online multiplayer game  v.1.0This is free on line multi player space game. You have to claim planets and build ships to conquer the galaxy. Written in PHP and Mysql.
  • Multiplayer Tag Game  v.1.0It's a tag game with multiplayer opportunities. WebSVN URL available via: ...
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